Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Congrats, Big Sis!

Dear Big Sister,

Congrats on being a big sister! Your big sis brags about being a ‘big sister’ so much that I figured that you’d already be flaunting your status in heaven. While I’m not the type to encourage you to brag, I have to admit that I am pumped about you being big sister.

You are going to have a little brother, much sooner rather than later. In fact, you already have a little brother; he’s just uncomfortably stuck in your mother’s stomach at the moment. I wasn’t sure that I was capable of producing boys, and yet here your brother awaits his big arrival!

Of course, the doctors are taking especially special care of your momma as she waits for your brother to arrive. I’m not sure if the extra special care would have made a difference for you. 

I was playing with your big sis today and I saw a young girl who was about your age. She was so adorable, animated, and difficult to watch. I wish that I had been playing with both of you together! As your brother’s birthday nears, I am struck by how much I wish that your birthday was a day of joy.

But, I know that you feel nothing but joy as you watch me fumble about my day-in and day-out. I’ll be there with you, one day! In the meantime, please look after us, and put in a good word with the big man upstairs. 

I love you so much, big sister!


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