Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, My Little Christmas Angel!

Last night, I read the post that I wrote for you last Christmas. In reading it, I realized that I write these posts to remind myself.

Your little brother turned five months old yesterday (on your 25 month birthday)! We call him ‘meatball’, because he is so incredibly chunky (and we imagine that he probably tastes pretty good, as well).

This Christmas was amazing! Courtland was semi-amused by the festivities and the gifts. He got a ‘Scout’ stuffed animal from Nana. Caroline had said that he would like this gift. Apparently, she was right.

In addition to providing expert gift advice, Caroline has discovered a penchant for wrapping presents. She wrapped every present in the house (except for those intended for her). And, she did a pretty good job. She even decided to wrap about three dozen items from the house that we have owned for years. There’s nothing more exciting than rediscovering the stapler that has been unmissed from the office drawer for the past week. It was very cute!

In all of the family joy, you were sorely missed! I know that you were with us. Still, I wondered how your third Christmas would be. Your little brother’s first Christmas was so cute and precious. Your big sister’s eighth Christmas only confirmed how amazing she is towards you without us. She would be so great with you if you were with us. One of her gifts for me was a drawing of you, Hans, and Dolly (all of the deceased members of our family—human and canine). She loves you so much, and she will be sure that your little brother knows how special his second biggest sister is.

As the time passes, I realize that the missing doesn’t decrease or subside. Maybe the edges are less sharp and spiky, but I miss you today like I missed you the day you left.

I will see you again, my little love! Have a sweet Christmas in Heaven!



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