Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Letter from Caroline

Dear, Bella
              Happy third birthday. When your Mommy came home from the hospital I was laying on the couch and said where is that baby. Mommy was sad. I must have been happy about all of those gifts, But I was still sad my sister died. Just imagine if you were your mom and your sweet little baby girl you have been waiting for died. Maybe not just your mom and dad were sad but still think how sad I was too. For that day on it was a family tradition on every November 24th blow up balloons and write messages and draw a picture on them and let them float up to heaven. If you were alive I would   to say un-completed sentences. Your little brother is doing fine now I am at the beach so some how he is scared of the ocean water but not pool water. In school I am doing great. I won vice president. I am getting good grades and I have a nice teacher. The thing reminds us of you is giraffes and stink bugs

                                                   Have a happy thanksgiving Bella I love you!
                                                                               Love, Caroline


  1. She is such a beautiful soul. I love your family. Bella will always have a special place in my heart.

  2. 💖 Caroline, you are truly wise beyond your years!! Best big sis ever!! 💖

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